Dyeing to Have Fun

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I finally got to go over to my friend Heather’s place to do a couple of hours of dyeing which we had been talking about for ages!

Heather is a textile artist, teacher and rug hooker so she dyes her own materials much as I do but more so. We followed the dye mix recipes in one of her books which she had borrowed (they are expensive!)

We mixed Yellow, Navy and a Magenta red.

Here Heather is starting the dye drizzling process….it’s like painting and we each drizzled as we saw fit.

I had put in a piece of Merino wool prefelt and also had brought some of my late Mother’s hand spun yarn.

Here we’re getting down to all the colours and adding more so they mix. We got greens, purples and oranges.

Covered and ready for the oven

After a delightful walk along to the Common Market coffee shop and along the lakefront we returned back to the kitchen to take our efforts out of the oven.  We decided the pans needed about 10 more minutes…..

Heather had put in a piece of silk.

Here are my efforts, my prefelt and some of Mum’s yarn.

Mum’s yarn before and after dyeing.

I put a piece of the rainbow prefelt on the front and a sleeve of this new jacket. There are some other pieces of felt that I’ve been dyeing in small pots lately.

I took this photo at the Craft Ontario Craft Show a couple of weekends ago at Wychwood Barns in Toronto. These lovely old stone walls were once overlooking old streetcars as they were maintained and repaired.

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