Farewell 2013

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Well, it’s nearly 2014 and the New Year and I’m still getting Christmas stuff….how lovely! 

My lovely niece, who has her own business – Cuppycakes by Kirsten – shopped a local Etsyan and had this lovely hanger made for me for my Chrissy present from her. I love it and will probably used it in my show booths. I have yet to find a good showy place for it in my studio. It’s by Sara Allen Designs . Both these young women ply their trades while looking after toddlers and newborns!!! Had I had children I think they would have starved! (just kidding..)
 I had to throw this in as it ‘spoke’ to me. It was Google’s Winter Solstice doodle…knitting your way

through the darkest hours?

Then my friend Georgia aka Iggy of Clayamies fame, delivered my Christmas Ornament Swap

ornaments. I had made three to be sent out and these are what I got in return….this is so much fun. Just as an aside, the knitted piece they are lying on is on my ironing board, it is the back of a new cotton design for the Spring.

What is there more to say about this. Another dinner guest were we gathered last evening had this on her knitting bag! I love it and want one for my car, my last one eventually fell off (as were bits of the car)….. ‘Gone crazy – Be back later’. If any one finds that one please let me know…I got it in a sex shop in Philly!
This delightful knitter said she was a bit worried when she took the bag through the airport check but she got through. Better than the other sticker…’  have sharp sticks and I know how to use them’!

Last but not least a money order arrived, in this card, from my friend Sonja who, with her partner, is joining us in the house in the Outer Banks we have rented for two weeks in the Spring…yeah, a vacation!  We have decided that between the two of us there will be one knitting machine so we can play. We’ve been teased endlessly by the windsurfers about this but we stand firm…on our woolsack*!
Just hours away from the ball dropping, it’s already 2014 in half the world..I had better pop out and get some bubbly!

*The Woolsack is the seat of the Lord Speaker in the House of Lords, the Upper House of the Parliament of the United Kingdom. In the 14th centuryEdward III commanded that his Lord Chancellor should sit on the Woolsack, in council as a sign of the pre-eminence of the wool trade. Indeed it was largely to protect the vital English wool trade routes with continental Europe that the Battle of Crécy was fought with the French in 1346. 
Courtesy of Wickipedia

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