Gone Shoppin’ (Yarn that is)

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Once again on our way down to the Outer Banks for that first hit of wind surfing for my other half and some early SUPing for me (stand up paddle boarding) we have to stop at yarn shops.
My dear knitting buddy and friend Rose is now living in State College PA so she took me to her fave yarn shop to mooch about and get me a treat! 
We went to Really Clear and I got a skein of Sari silk – Leilaniarts and a skein of hand painted Merino wool from Rhichard Devrieze.                                                                                                                        I think I’ll make another Swiss cheese scarf out of the yellow…maybe mixing it with some purple.                                                                                              The sari silk….well…as they say…watch this space!
On our way onto the Outer Banks I had to stop at Knitting Addiction in Kitty Hawk … where the Wright brothers first flew, (my other half frequents a place called Wind Addiction!) The shop is huge, two level and amazingly huge place with the most comprehensive selection of yarn for miles around. Run by a Jeanne Shrader…who puts up with people like me tearing around the place once a year like it’s the only yarn shop on the planet (well sometimes it is when you’ve been in a car for hours and hours).
I am a lucky girl as my husband treated me to some balls of yarn…he tends to follow me around saying ‘get that’ when I start drooling over a skein or ball. We all know yarn can be expensive but he puts his money where his mouth is….this is what I got this time. Besides the two balls of Regia to add to my sock stash, a pen and a bumper sticker I picked up what I got last year but different colours. Two balls of Crazy Zauberball….probably just for my own scarf collection. and a skein of Bamboo Bloom Handpaints from Universal Yarn which I will use to accent my felted jackets.
Driving away we went around the back of the shop and found this!!!! Jeanne’s Yarn Truck…a year old. She has a name but I’m afraid I’ve forgotten it.

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