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Off to Toronto tomorrow to be a part of the Just for Us Originals show at the Living Arts Centre in Mississauga.  It will be another great weekend staying with my friend Sonja who is also at the show with her unique knits. It’s great how two women can enjoy and pursue machine knitting designing and be so totally different in our styling…we love it.
Dates & Times.

I’ve been doing some knitting and felting but not enough. I have designs in my head and yarn on my shelves that are slated for new styles but they are time consuming to make. I’ll do them after the show and post them on my web site and blog.

Following the show I’ll whip home then reload my car to drive to Charlottetown PEI as guest demonstrator at the East Coast Machine Knitters Seminar. It’s hosted by the The Island (PEI) Knitters Club. My gracious host is Edith Scott of Glen Valley Custom Knits. I was going to fly as I did last time, but when I ran into Edith at Peter Smith’s in Toronto and found she had driven from PEI I figured that would be a really neat way to go! I have stops to make in Quebec and Montreal on the way back but plan to go via Maine on the way out. I’m looking forward to the (many) hours alone in my car..a bit of peace and quiet through the mountains, audio books in the CD player and fun & healthy munchies by my side. Being able to stop to look at things or pick up a coffe if I spy a cool cafè, then visiting friends on the way home. 
Never done this before but I’ll log it on my blog and on my Facebook Page!
Now back to work….

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