Town & Country Studio Tour

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One of my cardis in the window display of Kingston Frame Works.

This weekend is the Town and Country Studio Tour in Kingston and I’m looking around my studio and wondering if I can ever tidy it up!!!! Then…after the tour is over can I ever find the stuff I tidied away! Same old problem, I’ve been doing studio tours for about twelve years and I still find it a daunting task…..but I won’t stop, I love having folk visit my studio…. especially when it is tidy!

Anyway, when I get that done and we get set up I love the whole weekend, people come by with fall leaves on their shoes, windblown hair and I serve them hot apple cider and chat, laugh, catch up and they shop. Whether it’s something they can take home or perhaps order for next year or learn about how I do what I d0 it’s all part of the studio package.

This year as last, with my friend Georgia‘s help we will have an evening preview on Friday night 6 -8pm with wine, nibbles and even goodie bags. If you live in Kingston area please drop by.

……..well…. back to sorting out my stuff so I can see the floor!!!!

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  1. hey Carolyn, NIce picture on your site. Your sweater looks great in the window! I took my stuff home tonight, as needed it for the tour weekend.
    Good luck on your weekend.

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