In My Element.


Monday night in my studio and the new fall TV programs are on. The one I was watching is Project Runway Canada.

It’s on Slice TV, hosted by Iman and Brian Bailey and filmed in Toronto.

I’ve watched Project Catwalk UK, Project Runway (put onto it by my step daughter) and it’s always the last hour that I work in my studio so I’m usually sewing a sweater together, or doing some hand work (so the machine doesn’t drown out what I want to here on TV) at the ironing board. I feel like I’m a fly on the wall in the contestants’ studio (pictured here) and it’s like having work mates, except these ones are often immature in their work practices with others in their workroom. Also I’m amazed at what some of them come up with given the brief of that day.

This day, the premiere, they were told to rifle through some other contestant’s personal luggage and take four pieces. They were to make an outfit out of these four pieces…..aaaaaarrrrgh! Someone cried ‘don’t take my cashmere’. If it were me I’d have run like the wind on that second thought…. well maybe. The next day when they were to start, each was given the opportunity to take back one piece, one girl got to get her leather jacket back!!!! Heaven knows what would have happened to it otherwise.

It’s a great program to watch for inspiration and to see creation in progress, makes my solitude in my studio feel like a part of a group for an hour.

Oh and there’s the bitchiness…. and that’s just the guys!!!

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