Flowers and Fur.


Well, Sunday at the Run for the Cure was a great day, I ended up eating chicken breast for supper and started to feel good as I usually do heading into every third Monday – day four after chemo…..then Monday arrived and everything fell apart again. I felt I had had chemicals poured into me, everything smelt, tasted of chemo drugs my other half called the nurse, I said he was over concerned but she was really needed. I got sick again along with a short black out…scary. She stayed with me for two hours until hubby had picked up some needles for her to give me the IM version of the anti nausea drug…..and so on…. and so on. Anyway, this is me the next day feeling marginally better posing with a bouquet of roses and baby’s breath sent by an old friend in Britain. She had remembered I was married with pink roses and baby’s breath!!!

Then another dear friend, painter Vera Donefer, (mother to Laura Donefer – glass artist)stopped by with some beautifully coloured mums! How cheery these flowers are.

I was also sent a really neat kit to knit myself a hat for the cold weather. Susan Watson Ellis (jeweler). It came with a pattern but I, of course, want to knit it my way. You are supposed to work the fur and the slub cotton in alternate stitches but I’d like to try working the fur first so that it’s face framing (as hair is) and work the cotton, perhaps mixed with some wool for warmth, for the rest of the hat. It’s a lovely colour and will go well with my black winter jacket….. if I can figure out what I want to do with it. A set of circular bamboo needles came with but they are somewhat short so I’ll seek out a longer set in my studio so I can measure around my head… Susan is a non knitter.

This all came from JanKnit’s Studio in Haliburton Ontario. We were up there last Summer but I must have missed it….not like me at all!!!! Even my husband heat seeks yarn stores after hanging around me for a couple of decades!

Well, now that I’ve declared the ownership of this yarn and the Paula Lishman fur yarn I will have to post pics of the hat when I get done!

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  1. Hi Carolyn,
    This is Amy, another Clayamie and a friend of Georgia’s. I live just a few miles away from Jan’s store and I was in a co-op with Susan years ago. I will keep you in my prayers.

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