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While away on vacation, I was doing hand knitting, stocking up on socks and knitting some hand knit flowers for a new Wrap I now do. Sometime before heading out I was in the LCBO and picked up one of their hand picnic baskets which fold flat and have a zip pocket inside and a zip lid. Sooo cute I bought a pink one too…. they come in four colours. Well, my balls of sock yarn have overflowed the large Ziploc back I put it in and so I threw them in this lovely lime green basket….. well it’s now my sock basket…. and I can always locate it. It sits beautifully on the floor next to the sofa so I can pick up and knit when I’m watching TV.

When I visit friends or head to my folks I take a bottle of wine, best to carry it in the LCBO’s bottle bag. However with four long compartments I also take my indoor shoes and my knitting.

Moral of this story… Thanks LCBO. A little wine a lot of knitting.

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