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We’re probably all going through stuff in our homes or studios as we have time not doing shows or travelling to meetings etc. I know I’m digging in corners and cupboards to see what’s there that I either don’t need or can repurpose. I took out a package of my old patterns and also a couple of notebooks I use to use for my designs and patterns…I found them fascinating!

A little notebook is full of my original designs that I knit myself usually out of nice chunky yarn that knit up quickly. This pullover is made of ‘Rug Wool’, which I probably got from the Village Weaver on Church Street in Toronto or from Romni Wools which was then on Queen Street in Toronto just West of Spadina. The Rug Wool must have been a reasonably nice wool, and nice to wear as it did sell at my next show.

The Finished Red Rug Wool pullover.
The finished pullover 1982

Here is a friend of mine from 38 years ago modelling my sweater in High Park. I remember that day…I had my ex-husband there to model another sweater! This one has leather ties at the neck which is knit divided then tied up. To have a clean seam on the shoulder I crocheted the sleeves on into the square armholes rather than sewing.

This is another pattern in the same book for a vest of lovely soft wool I did get at Village Weaver. This wool came in three colours: Nearly Black, Grey & Off White…all depending on the colour of the sheep…this wasn’t dyed wool.

Someone suggested taking the photographs at a lakeshore yacht club. I don’t remember those shorts but I do remember that hair! Also I remember how beautifully soft the yarn was!

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