Yarn Harlot Night!


This post is waaay late but, hey, I’m busy! But.. I did take last Wednesday night off to attend the talk at our Kingston Chapters given by our beloved Yarn Harlot Stephanie Pearl MacPhee. It was so much fun and all the knitters I know in town and then some were there. We were all in stitches, (literally and figuratively….). But what a good talk, leaving us all feeling very validated a pursuers and pliers of such an old craft.

I was fortunate also because Stephanie’s Mum is best friends with my neighbour where Stephanie stayed, so when she couldn’t get home in time I was back up for getting Ms. MacPhee to Chapters on time. They were all set up with chairs from around the stores added to their stash of folding chairs, then women dragged chairs from the Starbucks!

After the presentation, which, of course, included a photo of the crowd with ‘the sock’ my neighbour, Stephanie and I went downtown to Tango for dins where most of the talk was the antics of my neighbour and Stephanie’s Mum and then politics!

Though we didn’t see him at first, there was a male knitter in our midst. He had a long garter stitch scarf going. There is a knitting group that meets regularly in that Starbucks, sitting in the comfy chairs and sucking back lattes…. sounds good to me.

On Sunday my Mum and I wandered around Kingston Market (the oldest market in Canada) and I picked up a book that I have thoroughly enjoyed dipping into since (can’t have enough books I say). It’s antiques market day on Sundays so this book is about 1987 or thereabouts. Lots of illustrations, inspirations and information.

This week I also got the label making program going and now I can make fibre content, stock number, size, CA number etc., labels. I’ll probably put a small ad on my web site and on my Facebook page. They are $60 for 250 labels, check my ‘Now to Pause’ post for a photo, and you can order as few as 5 at a time, you don’t have to order all 250 at once which is great for small runs or individual creations like mine. It’s been wonderful for me over the years, they wash and dry clean, I have generic 100% Wool and 100% Cotton and write in the pertinent info for each garment.

…..and now back to work! Cheers.

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