One of a Kind Chicago

Sandra Whitton Gallery
Kingston Ontario

Well, here we are at the One of a Kind Chicago and heading in to the first day tomorrow(or should I say.. today)! The set up today was OK though my other half had to sit in the van for hours in a line up waiting to be called to a loading (unloading) dock. Meanwhile I had registered us, picked up name tags, checked my booth 8-4129 to see if my UPS shipment had made it. That had to go out a week ago in order to get here around the American Thanksgiving. I am always pleased to see my Rubbermaid boxes standing there dressed in yards of Duct tape and shipping labels.

Meanwhile back at the ranch (home) I was able to put only one of my ‘wraps’ into the Sandra Whitton Gallery for the Art of Giving show that will run over the holidays. Though I want to sell everything I own here this week I also want to take a wrap or two back to display and sell in K’town. It’s been a b!%*h that our dollar is so weak again and I still had a payment due on my booth not to mention gas, accommodation and eats here in the good old US ofA. However, anything I manage to take back with me to Canada will grow when I take it to the bank… (not necessarily laughing all the way these days).

Well, now to bed as it’s the first day tomorrow and ….. much to the chagrin of the American exhibitors, it’s back to four days!!!!!!!!! Hey, just try the Canadian OOAK 11 days, so there. We’ll just try not to nod off in our booth, under the cash desk, and keep grinning…..

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