Last Chemo & Christmas!


Well, yesterday saw me leave the cancer centre after my last chemotherapy!!!! I still have to have one medication infused so I still have my port that’s the last chemo!

A couple of days ago we went out to visit our friends who have and are still working on their new house in the country for dinner. They decided to cut down their own tree now that they don’t live in the big smoke and it’s the fattest tree I’ve ever seen! So fat that the ornaments have trouble hanging down! But it’s beautiful. The next evening we got our tree together and did the yearly thing of discovering what ornaments you have! I now have two angels as when I got a new fancy one last year I couldn’t bear to part with my ages old corn husk one! They both grace the top of the tree. My Dad asked if they got along… I said of course, they’re little angels.

Here I am in my chair with my smidge of hair just as the last drips of Taxol go through. Today I’m tired but that may be the laundry I did and the bathroom I cleaned. But I cannot believe that I’m on the other end of the six months of treatment.

My first view of the chemo room at the Cancer Centre of Eastern Ontario here in Kingston was daunting. I didn’t want to have to sit in there in green vinyl chairs looking very hospital like. My first treatment I was shaking and was so glad to have my level headed girlfriend there to actually hear all that the pharmacist was saying…..

…… I’ve given myself my own injections, push the saline syringe as the nurse pulls the needle out of my port, trundle happily back and forth to the washroom with my drip stand. The marvelous volunteers bring a drink and a warm blanket and keep checking on you. The nurses check all your signs and chat about their last night getting together after an exam or getting the kids to bed. There is laughter in the waiting room as, when, after a long wait a nurse comes out and calls a patients name three of us who have been ganging up all put up our hands! This week one woman had us in fits of giggles as she got up and acted out how her vegetarian friend stuffed her first turkey!!!

While this has been going on I managed to start working on orders and got out two to Rochester NY. I got a lovely call this morning to say one had arrived (which means the other lady’s will have too) and how much she loved it. Another order was picked up here at the studio yesterday. Now I have to work on the wedding dress for New Year’s Eve.

I reknit the back when the fitting showed we needed it wider and longer. I changed the gauge which helped and re tweaked the pattern in Garment Designer and the next fitting went better and I knew what to do with the front fit wise. I’m trying to get hold of the bride to for another fitting then I will be able to get on with the other bits of it…. sleeves and godets in the skirt.

In a couple of weeks after the wedding I’ll be able to show it on my web site.

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  1. Congratulations to You Carolyn on your last chemo!!! You look absolutely gorgeous in the pic on your blog…I’m sure you were so happy!
    I cant wait to see the wedding dress. WOW!

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