The Power of Pink

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My very good painter friend Vera Donefer gave me as a gift a series of photo sessions with her son-in-law Rene Calderon (brother in law of Laura Donefer). We’ve done all hair, short hair just before it all fell out (one of which is on my web site home page) and the other day he came to do the ‘bald’. It was just in time as my hair is rapidly making it’s reappearance!! Woopeeee!!

Rene is submitting a black and white print to PhotoSensitive project of cancer survivors, there will be a book in 2008…. anyway I digress.

Rene’s elder daughter Marcela came with him to help and I met a beautiful young woman in her mid teens (all of Rene’s kids are to die for beautiful) who is very creative in her own right and she got to see what a messy working fibre studio is like.

On Sunday I got a call that Marcella had made me something so they dropped over. The pic above is of the T shirt she painted for me (and not just your common or garden unisex T, this one’s cute!). The card she wrote is equally beautiful with here own illustration on the front.

She explained to me that the vine starts up at my ‘port’ location on my left chest and winds down under my right (affected) breast to signify the ‘life’ my chemo is giving me……..

Too moved for words!

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