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Yesterday I was telling my other half how I just wanted to create new things and not have to get my few remaining orders finished – there’s little creativity in following orders. Anyway, while attending to email and finishing my morning tea in bed he brought up the post and there was a brown envelope from the OAC…….

It seemed full of stuff and I’ve had rejection letters before and my discs of photos returned so I didn’t expect much….. so you can imagine the screaming when I opened a sheaf of papers to find a congratulations letter and a cheque!!!!!!!!

This is now to enable me to take a wee bit of time to learn new techniques: felting, knitting and clay. So I’m off to learn about precious metal clay, felting and knitting with silk ribbons and such.


Mystery Solved

How I’ve been feeling!!!

I was chastised last Friday for picking weeds out of my driveway in my bathrobe at noon…. Well, my folks dropped in to find me not quite presentable… I just couldn’t drag my butt fully into the day. Really crazy Thursday and I just wanted to not do anything at all. Just couldn’t seem to get the day in gear, having a hard time getting up in the morning and especially – getting my orders done!!!! Very important but I couldn’t face them. Shame really ’cause getting them done would mean getting onto my own creative work.

A phone call from my doc’s office had my nurse practitioner telling me that my recent check up showed low hemoglobin! Had I been tired lately? No, I said then realized I was in my studio looking at my work and wondering who else might have the energy to finish it for me!!!!! (no one) and said Yes. Another blood test yesterday for more detailed information and she can prescribe the right remedy. I’m so glad! I thought it was the weather or my trying to wean myself off the antidepressants my oncologist has had me on for two years to combat the hot flashes that go with my anticancer med.

It wasn’t a lack of spirit so much as a lack of energy, I’m so looking forward to getting that back.

It’s so important to stay in touch with your health and stay on top of it when you’re self employed…. no one is going to pay you for your sick days.

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