Booth: Dressed and Undressed

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Just got back from the Just for Us Originals show and sale of wearables. It was a good weekend, the weather was cooperative in that it was warm and sunny… not keeping women home. The venue – the Mississauga Living Arts Centre – was great and we set up in the foyer/atrium…. three story high windows on the East facing wall. This was my third year at this show and also the third location but this one we all loved for many reasons: free underground parking, easy load and unloading of our cars and trucks, fairly easy to get to, lovely marble floors, great daylight – essential for wearbles and dealing with skin tones.

All set to go!
I thought it might be fun to take a before and after pic of my set up, I didn’t have anything but back wall drapes so I used my forms and a table to denote  my 10’x10′ area, this made it easier to chat with my neighbours: Cheryl Straby from Perth with her leather clothing and Christine VonBun from Austria, a master craftsman in leather with her beautiful bags.

 All dressed now!

 I had a great time working on the new jacket and my wraps. I’m not just having fun with colour but I’m back on my old Punch Card knitting machine! Who’d a thunk it?

 Colour corner.
Here I am (in the mirror) taking a snap of my colourful corner. The jacket is all over punch card patterning which I had a lot of fun making. However as I did it in panels, each time I started a new panel I had to really refer back to the ones  had already done to make sure I wasn’t going to duplicate a pattern right next to itself. 

 A ‘sort of coordinated’ button.
I’ve a collection of machines and have been through a few punch card ones. I usually pattern on my electronic 580 but I only have so many patterns on mylar sheets…. but punch cards……. Well, I’ve been machine knitting for 26 years so I have a few… I dug them up and didn’t have to  make any new ones for this jacket. It was it’s first time out… hope it goes over well. It’s priced higher as it’s a lot of work….then there are the buttons!

Well, enough creativity…. better get back to the sleeve shortening I have scheduled and mailing out my latest Etsy sales items.

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