Slight Sweater Adjustment

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Long time no post….lots going on in my family as I have senior parents and am spending a lot of time with them these days.   However I did participate in the Up The Garden Path studio tour the last two weekends in May.  My wraps were selling so I am making more for the Art Among the Ruins (June 19th) and Fanfayr (July 2, 3 & 4th) coming up over the next few weeks. Also some to put in the galleries who carry my work.

My Little Work Station

I also set up a corner of my tent with a table of my  polymer clay work so I could sit and work throughout the two weekends, I will do this for Ruins and Fanfayr as I can get work done in the quiet times and it works well as a demonstration for my Sweater Pins, Sticks and Buttons. I even made a custom set of buttons that will be sent off to the UK.

 Original Design
One interesting event was the sale of one of my Vivian ‘coats’ with a felted collar and accents. The client wasn’t completely comfortable with the funkiness of the collar and wanted a cleaner line so I said I’d make another collar and side accents.

Collar Off

 This it is without the collar or felted side accents, just waiting for what I can make up in for a sleeker change.

Finished Coat
I made a two four tone, two part collar with a triangular patch on the back of the neck accented with a bead. Also different shaped patches on the sides to cover the shaping tucks.  This coat fit the client beautifully and she really liked what I did.
Now I have the collar sand small side patches to move forward and accent another jacket. I haven’t designed it yet……

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