Found! Lost Latchhook.


A while back I wrote about polymer clay and tool handle making. I think there was an article in Knitwords about same so I had to add my two cents worth.

A few years ago I taught Button Making at the Cardiknits seminar and make a latch tool which I had made out of a broken knitting machine needle. I had two full classes and a very busy day with clay and tools flying everywhere and while packing up all my stuff I tried to retrieve and inventory everything.

Unfortunately my lovely latch hook was nowhere to be found and I tore that classroom apart. I couldn’t believe that someone might have decided to take it home! Knitters are just too honest and supportive. I got Pat (organiser) to follow up at the school to see if anyone had found it later and turned it in….no such luck. I was upset as I missed it, I just liked the colours that embellished it.

Ho hum…..

A few weeks ago, my friend Sonja (the one who knits the tiny wire sweaters) called me up and told me she had been going through her stash and dug out her polymer clay kit. She had taken the button making class years ago but pc was not her usual forte. She was fondly remembering that class when we didn’t really know each other very well when she came across a strange tool that she knew she hadn’t made….. a latch tool with a fun handle. She remembered I had spoken about losing my first one and let me know it was found… years later!

Here is a pic of my two tools, the first one (bottom) and it’s replacement.

It was just one of those things that make your day!!

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