Rocks on Thanksgiving

‘Wallers working on their wall.
Just spent the first day of the Rocktoberfest 2010 event in Landon Bay Centre in the 1000 Islands! What a beautiful day!  And what a unique event. I don’t know much about ‘dry stone wall building’ but I’ve learned a lot today and now I’ve been looking at the art/craft for years, in North America and Europe. It’s ancient and wonderful.

Working on the keystone.
Here is a group of wallers working on building a bridge over a stream in the woods at Landon Bay Center. I didn’t know they used a wooden shape to mold the stones around, no mortar is used the construction and weight hold the carefully chosen and chipped away rocks together in the formation required (building, wall, bridge, fireplace, chimney, bridge abutment…….).

Here we have DSWA Canada Pres. John Shaw-Rimmington reworking the keystone to fit.

I set up my booth with my friend and event organizer Margot Miller and hoped my fingers would eventually thaw out. The day warmed up and not a cloud in the sky. Later I wandered over to see the wall close to, then walked the trail through the woods to find the bridge that was being built….. they take the mold out on Monday. 
Not a lot of artisans but lots of food, music and things to look at. 
This is a bench on the trail overlooking the park and campground.

Well, gotta go bag some ZZZZ’s for tomorrow… two more days left… see you there!

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