CIBC Run for the Cure

 Dr. Sue Hendler
On Monday evening, my neighbour and aquaintance Sue Hendler passed away after a long battle with breast cancer.  This year my sister Judith (Judi to the rest of the world) and I will walk on ‘Sue’s Care Team’ in the CIBC Run for the Cure here in Kingston on October 4th.  With too many commitments in my own life I was unable to do any shifts in Sue’s home but I volunteered up my car and to be called if any schlepping was needed…it didn’t, but I can do this in her name.
Two years ago my sis took my wobbly, nauseated, bald chemo filled self to the Run, I sat bundled up in a chair and maybe ate one grape of all the snacks Judith brought along. This year Judith and my energetic, healthy, new boobed self will fulfill a promise we made to walk together for Sue and me and women like us who may or may not survive breast cancer.
If you are reading this and would like to sponser me here is the link and …. in advance … 
Thank you

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  1. way to go Carolyn!! it is remarkable when you think back to how you felt this time last year; encouraging to all who know you and to those who might have to face cancer in their own lives. Thanks for doing the run for those who cant.

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