Isotopes and New Hair.


Up early this morning to high tail it down to the hospital for my MUGA (MUltiple Gated Acquisition) scan, still feeling fortunate that I was home to take the call to grab what they had. While I waited for the radioisotopes to be mixed with, or whatever they have to do to, my blood another lady came in for exactly the same thing. She’d had the same cancellation then the call back to get in first thing. She must have been up waaay earlier than me as she looked bandbox fresh with every hair and stroke of makeup in place. As we chatted I learned she was dealing with cancer which had metastasised into her liver……! What do you say?

Each time I hear the news I think myself fortunate that I got this diagnostically precious thing. The nuclear med technician said she had to prepare for the next lady, her stuff was dying as we spoke!!! This stuff doesn’t keep more than a few days.

On to brighter note, I decided I wanted my head photographed each month so I could see the progress of regrowth. Here is the December one. Hair has been growing back for the last three or four weeks, enough so far to keep a miniscule layer of warm air next to my scalp so it’s not freezing as I go from house to studio (two steps outdoors).

I think my head looks like that of a little old man! I was born with more hair than this!!

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  1. love the photo…

    and thanks for the plug on bottles of hope… now making another hope scope for a friend just diagnosed with lung cancer…. sigh… i appreciate your difficulty with response.


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