Red Letter Day!


Well…. really…. red phone call day. My old friend Claire Maunsell gave me a ding from Nova Scotia and we burned up the phone lines!

Claire is an amazing glass artist…. well an amazing artist anyway as she does more than glass, and she and her young family left Kingston three years ago. And we’ve not been very good at staying in touch… though we’ve been in each other’s thoughts.

We used to get together lots, her son’s birthday is the same day as mine and I have fond memories of a sharing a yummy chocolate birthday cake decorated with Gummy Bears! Raising children has taken her away from the arts scene for a bit but today I found out shes into Polymer Clay and got all excited to see her work on Etsy. She calls herself Stillpointworks and I was soooo impressed with her jewellery there.

The pictures here are of a beautiful fruit bowl Claire gave me for my birthday about ten years ago, I’ve always treasured it……. and so far… not broken it!!!

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