Needlepoint Lessons


Last week my friend Yvonne said I must go downtown to Gwyn Gryffon (needlepoint, knitting and winery) to help her choose a needlepoint for a Winter project. She pops over to my studio in the evening now and again with her lovely yellow lab. We chat while I work so this would be a golden opportunity to work on a project through the long evenings when I’m knitting my way through my orders. She chose a lovely piece of art from a painter who was around with the Group of Seven in the ‘3o’s (I’ll find out the name) but will take her a long time to complete… hey, it’ll keep her off the streets and out of trouble!!!!

Susan at GG was very knowledgeable about the canvas and the yarns (even though she works in wine in the back!!) and had all the skeins of yarn and the needles chosen and packed up for Yvonne in no time. Then Susan gave Yvonne a quick lesson in the best stitch to use, and refreshed my memory as I haven’t needlepointed in years but loved it when I did. I seem to remember doing basket stitch which took a while.

I got out my books when I got home and later that evening Yvonne came over to start putting small samples into the coloured squares at the bottom. She didn’t quite get finished…

….. to be continued!!!

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