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I’m off to Artemisia in Westport to restock some items as they do seem to sell well there, then my friend Georgia (framer and 1/3 owner at Artemisia) and I are off to Perth to visit Janie Hickman at her yarn store JanieHKnits as she’s having a sale.
I didn’t make any decent money at Fanfayr this past weekend but I will always squeeze out a buck or two to add useful stock to my cache!

……I’ll get back to you!

Well, Artemisia now has a jacket and two SweaterWraps and some buttons in a beautiful display. Georgia and I drove North to Janie’s home/shop and I was pleasantly surprised.

A wonderful old stone house on the River Tay with a beautiful garden….. with some ‘sheep’ of course. Two metal sculptures and three sheepy sheep, ‘grazing’ in the front flower bed, one black one wearing a red sweater! You walk in the red front door and are confronted with a porch full of yarn and accouterments. You could stop right there but venture into the main house and the two front rooms are full of yarn, and all the ‘toy’s associated with hand knitting that you could wish for. Janie put on the kettle and we had tea and strawberries, it was such a busy spot, three staff, computers going. Boxes being brought out.

Janie showed me the projects that have come out of her classes with her developmentally challenged group. You couldn’t design such creative scarves if you tried, made of really beautiful yarns. She has a bulletin board with photos of the members on it.

One of the boxes held two knit dresses and a suit knit by her Mum, they are the exquisite fashions you see in the old knitting books, when women weren’t over burdened and the kids went to bed early! This is the jacket of the suit, which after knitting, was beautifully lined and finished.

I came away with a box of coned yarn which she had put aside that she thought I might be interested in. Also a couple more balls of sock yarn to add to my stash in my LCBO basket. I also got some bamboo needles to knit my flowers on which adorn one of my Wrap designs.

The big news is the SALE Janie is having:

JULY 25 & 26
9:30 – 4:30

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