My Spanner in the Works

Well, most of my friends and colleagues know by now that I have breast cancer. Now I’m incorporating it into my blog as my colleagues, fellow knitters and artisans have been incredibly supportive through my journey. This photo was taken on our vacation in the Outer Banks NC where I am taking in truckloads of negative ions and sea air. I had my biopsy the day before we left so here I’m in that no man’s land of knowing I well receive some sort of diagnosis on our return. The weather cooperated and we had a wonderful time.
Every now and then I would touch my ‘lump’ and wonder.

Fast forward to last Monday when my husband’s band mate and our ne
ighbour offered to shave off what was left of my hair! In this photo he has more hair than I do!!! And I’m talking to my Nova Scotia knitting buddy.

Anyone who’s been through this will know the discomfort of that itchy head, slept-on-tight-rollers feeling that is totally alleviated when bald. No, I don’t love it, I’ve not had short hair for over two decades but it’s comfortable. Also as my time is taken up with fatigue and stuff it makes taking a shower VERY quick.

Here I’m in one of my hats, tied with a scarf for my second chemo treatment. Because I am also on antibiotic just now it combined to make the side effects worse …. but I’m coming out if it and have went back to knitting yesterday afternoon (after the nurse left). This had really thrown a spanner in the works as far as my business goes. No knitting after two surgeries (chest too sore) then soooo many appointments that I barely get back into the studio before I have to head off to something or try to remember what supplements or meds to take..Whew!

I want everyone on ‘my team’ to know just how unbelievable they’ve been and to have them there as I go through this is immense…


My sister Judith and me.

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