Half Way!!!

Today was my fourth chemo of eight… I’m half way through! I’m almost dreading the next four as they are a new drug Paclitaxel (for me) that can cause numbness in fingers and toes….. and I MUST knit, it’s my drug of choice!! Apparently Melissa Etheridge stopped hers as she was scared (justly so) it might permanently affect her career.

I’m going to ask for the cold gloves (blood vessels constrict, less drug to fingers) and try to endure them (on and off) for the four hours it takes to infuse this one.

Today my doc said that I had a great support ‘knitwork‘!

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  1. Congratulations on your 1/2 way mark! Just found your blog today and am loving it. I have all the materials for PC buttons for knits but am stuck – would love to work with a group of folks on this project. And Grass Creek Park! I’m finishing up Mabel Corbett’s knit GCP vest right now!
    Terry aka Sailingknitter – 16 year breast cancer/mastectomy/chemo survivor.

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