Technically Accomplished!!!

Lacy sort of collar that I’ve been working on for a new design. The black is sock yarn.

Some ‘fulled’ flowers for another design, knitting swatches, fulling them in the washing machine, cutting them out, now I just have to figure out the nicest way to attach them to the cardi.

Well, I’ve finally done it… I’ve built my own web site and it’s up and running. is refreshed and because I’m doing it myself I hope to keep it current and fresh. How many times have I wanted to upload a photo of a new design but it’s been a long process.

Also it needed some infusion of colour and I was a bit tired of looking at my buttons. Those header buttons from my old site are on a lovely cotton cardi which I wear in the Spring and Summer.

This time next week we’ll be winging our way to set up the One of a Kind show booth….today I have a headache!!!

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