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Well, I’m back from my wonderful family vacation to Antigua. The first and only time we wil have this opportunity…10 1/2 of us went (my niece is pregnant).

This is a shot of me with this lovely young woman in the market in St John’s where I bought a carved calabash bowl from her. Her husband does the carving and she crochets tops to them to make them in to bags. She uses hers to store things in her kitchen but grew up using them to eat from.

…and of course, so much colour inspiration. I love the bougainville in the tropics and just pick blossoms off the ground to tuck behind my ear.

Frangipani, hibiscus, and so many others, even the banana blossom which hangs down from the fruit as it grows in the lush areas.

Well, now I’m back into work mode and must hit the highway….again!

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