Cardiknits Academy Weekend

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Sarah, Sonja and me.

It’s over! I’m saying that in the ‘Thank Heaven for that – it went well…I thought!’ Whew! Anyone who has taught will know of the prep,  research in what you don’t already know, boning up on what you do.

 I was asked by Pat and Eileen to return as one of the two demonstrators/instructors that Cardiknits Academy invites each year in April and I was thrilled and honoured…..then the work begins. I was to teach beginner/intermediate work and work in conjunction with Sarah Etchison from Washington state who would be teaching all sorts of machine knitting techniques I don’t use in my work therefore don’t know how to do. It was a good balance.
First there were eight classes to plan, then the class notes which would go into the accompanying handbook which were given to everyone who registered. Then, of course, is packing the car!!! I think I started packing (lists and in my head) weeks ahead, then collected piles and containers around my studio into which I’d toss books, manuals, tools, yarn and all manner of other things I might need.

Mesh Pressing Cloth

One of the things I threw in ….. with my iron and ironing board …. was my wonderful mesh pressing cloth. We ended up having quite a discussion about this item and how to get it. I had posted about it previously – looking for more after I found this at a yard sale (new!). Eventually, through Pat at Cardiknits and a MK Club member, that Added Touch in Oakville had them. I purchased a few and assumed they would restock and so promoted them. Apparently they never got any more in!  Keep trying, girls, they are out there and they are marvelous.  Also, I have four or five at my studio if anyone wants one.


This is just a fun shot of all the bits and pieces I knit over the the weekend: buttonholes, increasing, decreasing, button bands, yarn changer and something new to me (in the lower right of the photograph) weaving with the garter bar. One of you demonstrated this technique (and made this little sample) and another of you sent me a link to a YouTube video….give it a look.

Well, I think I’ve recovered now and am preparing for our Kingston Studio Tour this coming weekend, I’ve been dying a couple more pieces of prefelt and have a new stash of Merino roving so I hope to have a whatever felted pieces I can make before Friday!……and their buttons/pins.

At least I’ve tidied up my studio….and found the floor, which I promptly Hoovered!!!! I’ve planted pansies in my window boxes and hung a flowering basket on my front porch (which I’ve taken in at night as it so darned cold!) ….so, as they say, bring it!

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