‘Dare To Wear Love’ Fashion

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I accompanied my friend Anne Woodall of Knit Traders wool shop to Toronto yesterday for a Pro Knitters meeting (great by the way…I’ll post about that later) and while she lunched with her offspring I did my fave thing …. wander around downtown TO.

I went for dyes and silk and also to pick a little top for my upcoming vacation (we always try to go away after the Spring shows…to rest and regroup). I found myself in Chinatown on Centre St and fished my Textile Museum membership card out as I walked through the door. I knew I had only a little while until Anne was to pick me up and when asked my interest I said ‘fashion’ …. I was sent to the third floor and thought I had died and gone to heaven!!!

There is the Dare To Wear Love exhibition until May 9th….do check it out. All Canadian designers using African fabrics to create beautiful designs. This video (and others on YouTube) is fun because it’s not all skinny models but some of the designers, celebs…you’ll recognize Jeannie Becker.


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