One Of A Kind Spring Toronto

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 KAC Juried Arts Salon submission.

Well, it’s that time again. One of a Kind show and Originals coming up.  I think I have had the loooong Winter to get lots of stuff done, new experimenting with different machines, textiles, shapes yada, yada, yada!  No such luck!!! Here I am on the bring of another show/workshops season and it seems I’ve done nothing!  All the new designs and ideas I have been trying to execute in the last …. um … five minutes! Forgetting it takes me two days to make one of my jackets, one and a half if I don’t talk to anyone, go out, eat, sleep….. and, oops, I forgot – making the buttons!

Felted collar and yarn for jacket.
I just finished the jacket of these two components… buttons yet to come. I love making my felted collars and accents but have done few so far, it takes up the better part of an evening then they have to dry, and also now I’m running out of my first batch of materials and haven’t got as far as reordering through my felting guru Andrea Graham 
 Little hand knit floret.
The top photo shows detail of a jacket I’ve fallen in love with and only just finished on Friday, in time to photograph it and get the images and application papers in to the Kingston Arts Council for submission to the Juried Arts Salon. I was accepted years ago and won First for Established Artist so I thought I’d give it a go again. I’ll have the jacket at the One of a Kind show this week….it’s my Fagin look.  
The hand knit floret is what I’ve been doing in front of the TV and the many British series and movies my other half puts on when I actually sit on the sofa with him) I found them in a  wonderful book and have been knitting them in odd moments since and decorating some SweaterWraps with them. Yes my afore (older post) mentioned Tenosynovitis in my wrists isn’t helped but, what can I say, I’m an addict who will never recover!
In trying to diversify and not put all my knitting needles into one sweater, I taught four Button Making Workshops in January, what fun!  I have more coming up both at Purls of Joy (April 23/24 in Minnesota) and Cardiknits Academy (April 30/May1) in Hamilton ON. I’ll also be demoing about Fulled collars, making waist shaping, and buttonholes again.
Yes this is a knitted painting or painted knitting. I did this on Monday at our second day of Kollaboration Kingston, a collaboration of 16 artists that will culminate in an exhibition at the Sandra Whitton Gallery opening May 1st.  I think this will be part of an installation piece that Harry is known for. You can check out our progress but clicking on the Kollaboration Kingston blog. We’re having a great deal of fun and learning.

Last Sunday, I and  a bunch of the Kingston Etsyans shot down to Toronto to the Ontario Crafs Council for an Etsy trunk show and workshop. Our fearless leader Lindsey Fair got a grant for this expedition so our gas was paid even though I personally made no sales….it was a small event. However I did learn a lot about selling on Etsy and maintaining one’s Estsy shop.   If you don’t know about Etsy, do check out and my shop  bARNETTdESIGNS….(though I’m putting it on Vacation Hold for the  OOAK show days so I don’t double sell an item). 
Well, enough reminiscing about the fun days…. for now it’s back to the studio and slaving over a hot knitting machine! See you at the shows and in the workshops.

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