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Well, now that we’re into the new year I got to do something I’ve been looking forward to ….. sorting my 2008 calendar!

I had the Stitch ‘n’ Bitch Page a Day calendar last year and had fun every day peeling off for a new hint, tip, factoid, pattern, info on a knitting event and so on. Now that they were all torn off I separated them into their respective piles so I can refer to them easily, then put each category into Zip Lock bags…. what did we do before those handy bags in all sizes.

My 2008 Calendar

I had wanted a Stephanie Peal McPhee calendar for 2009 and had pointed one out to my husband in a Picton bookshop waaaaay back, however when it came time to shop he said he couldn’t find on in Chapters, Indigo or anywhere else. I thought that I’d pick on up for myself after all the hoo ha was over and I could drift around the shops. One evening my neighbour who is best friends with the Yarn Harlot‘s Mum and so was in close proximity over the hols had the coveted Page a Day calendar in her house and when she saw me drooling offered it to me. I refused saying

I’d find one of my own, but at our local Wool Thyme I was informed that there had been one run and they were all gone… yikes! I returned to my lovely neighbour who once again offered it to me as she had another and knew how much I would covet Stephanie’s…. so now that’s what I get up to each morning and read on the way to the shower. Funny, informative, interesting, philosophical in the inimitable Harlot style.

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Knitting a Tit Bit.
Deb Stagg

Well, with the ‘Big Day’ no longer on the horizon but the day tomorrow I have had a miriad of thoughts going through my mind. How does life feel without nipples? Will the reconstruction be too perky for a 58 year old? What will show up …. or not…. on the pathology report aferwards. When will I be able to knit on the machine?…. I’ve lots of computer work and hand knitting lined up for using my arms from the elbows down and not involving heavy pec work. How long will it take me to adjust? When will I be able to get back to making a living again?

Well, with a view to saying a fond farewell to the boobs I longed for back when I was twelve I decided to have their photo taken. I called a colleague Deb Stagg, a great Kingston photographer whom I have known for years as we did the One of a Kind shows and asked if she’d do the honours. So yesterday was the day! What a time, stripping down for sexy and sensual shots of me that I won’t be able to repeat…. well, not quite the same anyway. And Deb emailed me a couple of shots yestereday. The one above is her idea, my knitting a Tit Bit designed by Beryl Tsang of Toronto. They are easy to knit and though I won’t be wearing one I will hang one on my studio wall. I think they make great tiny pillows too! Perhaps one will grace our living room sofa.

This photo shows the remnants of breast cancer: my port which will come out on Thursday too, and my new short hair…with way too much grey in it! But I think it is a great pic and look forward to seeing what this top looks like over my new chest!

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  1. what a beautiful photo of you, and what a great idea to have Deb do the sexy photography. Wishing you all good things tomorrow…I'm happy you are getting a chance to get a fresh start again, wishing you warm wishes for your recuperation. & welcome to the new girlies!!

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