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Well, a while back I started to put together my knitting notes and some instructions into a book….hmm still working on that, it’ll take a while as there’s a lot of writing. Then the software I was using announced they had added ‘Notebook’ to their stable of formats and after taking a look at a few samples I decided I would give it a try.

It really was fun to work at, for a first effort, choosing photos, finding out that the older ones taken with my first digital camera were low resolution and so forth. Learning to use the company’s software, which was fun, and taking a couple of webinars. What a great way to share your ideas, work or just to put together all the photos from a project, trip, work, family….in a creative way, as you can keep it private and only order one!

My friend Sally Chupick had also done a book with her wonderful watercolours of Kingston, see hers here ‘I Spy A Sailing City’.

Feel free to comment…it’s all part of the learning process….now, back to knitting!

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  1. I Love it Carolyn!! The photos are really terrific, and the pieces that are pictured so completely 'groovy'!! ha ha. I LOVE " That's a Wrap", especially! I love that you name your artwork knits. The cover is really intriguing, definately looks 3D. It will be really fun to sell as supplement to your lovely work at shows, and your workshops etc. Looks great!

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