Pink Ribbon.


My good, but distant, friend Judith had a project last year, to make one of my designs (one she had made in a workshop in my studio, in a style to wear to a Breast Cancer fundraiser. She was working in Black Cannele mercerised cotton with ‘Sugar’ (pink) accents. She needed some pink and asked if I had any odd bits on a cone, she intended to use it on the undercollar and to make pink ‘ribbons’ and bead them. I had about a third of a cone and took it with me to the Bonnie Triola weekend seminar and said, though small, consider it a donation to the cause (I guess a very round about way).

Judith made me a pink ribbon but we hadn’t got together so it arrived in the post last week and was a lovely surprise, it’s beautifully beaded, you can see the size up against a quarter.

Now it’s my turn, I’m sharing a booth at the local Dragon Boat day here in Kingston on June 9th and I got all fired up to knit a stunning (a girl can dream) jacket in pink with a dragon motif of sorts on the back. I’ve ordered enough ‘Sugar’ to make it in cotton but too late and it won’t be here in time so I ransacked my shelves and found lovely array of wool in different shades. I’m now looking at doing it in colour blocking and stylizing a dragon for the back.. it was my friend Judith who found me a dragon design already graphed and my mind is chewing it over as to what I want to do.

As they say…… watch this space!

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