Tutorial DVD…My First

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 For Machine Knitters

Well, this has been too long coming, I shot the stills about 18 months ago and Dad and I shot the video last Summer. I took a while to get it edited then the push was on for the end of April when I was demoing in Purls of Joy in Minneapolis and in Cardiknits Academy in Hamilton.  Sold lot of them and hope to see more neat buttonholes around.

 Stitch arrangement and division.

Here are a couple of shots of the stills from the DVD. I walk you through a jacket right front from hem hanging to neck edge…. detailing the facing and buttonholes which can be altered by number of rows for different size buttons.


No ribbing involved as I haven’t done ribbed edges or fronts for more than a decade. It’s a little trickier if you are working with an all over pattern as you have to reset a couple of time for each hole, or if you are dealing with a bust dart as your math has to divide the extra rows at the front between the holes.

I’ve got it listed on my Etsy Shop site so it’s easy to order at $25 USD.
Happy Knitting

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