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Purple Pleaser

Mine…All Mine…

 Finally got some more felting done and made myself a jacket….that I won’t sell! I wore it out to it’s first event, the opening of the The Art of Winter at the Thousand Islands Arts Center in Clayton NY. It was so nice to have something new to wear that I had made as I always seem to be too busy and just make stock…then I show up in something I’ve had for yonks!


Actually it’s more of a lilac but I need to Photoshop it to the right colour but this’ll do…. you get the idea.

I was inspired by some silk I got before Christmas and by a length of prefelt I had dyed for a client to choose from….she went for the red I had dyed.

I also worked again with resists to make pockets. Now I have somewhere to put my hankie and drink tickets!

Collar & Button

I also worked on an new collar style which made for a longer front closure area so I made buttons.

Button placement is tricky with the jackets so I might make them for sale along with the usual pin and give the purchaser a choice, then I can position the buttons on the new wearer (as I did with me).

The buttons or pin not used can go up on my Etsy page.

Custom Work…

Blue Suit

I finally finished a suit for a client, after a number of fittings and  measurements, difficulties with the Garter Carriage and making and lining a skirt for the first time in years!

My client brought in her own buttons (a kind of cloisonne with mallard ducks on them) though I had made a set…I’ll probably put the ones I made up for sale, they are quite simple but I like them.

The skirt is a six gore that I made from a pattern that I made in Cochenille’s Garment Designer….it worked really well!

The collar and lengths down the arms are a chevron strip knit on the garter carriage. After trying different widths I ended up doing a wider one for the collar and slightly narrower for the shoulder/sleeves. I used to sew for this lady and she has a lovely figure to clothe.

Pattern Sample…

As for the pattern writing….still slogging through it, though part of the slog is to find the time for the tech work. However I did finish the jacket and here it is.

It’s a collar style I’ve done before that I really like, with a slight ‘v’ neckline, very flattering.

You can see that I’ve made the buttons to complement the embellishments on the back and the beauty of knitting something with this kind of simplicity is you can decorate it how you wish.

Keep an eye on this blog, and my web site, for the finished pattern….a while yet…gotta to all the sizes!!!

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  1. oh Carolyn!!! i hope you wear your new creation to the A&L Club on Tues, because i'd love to see it on you. It's Gorgeous! I just love all the happy-stance of the polka dot patches and whimsical embelishments. so fun. very lovely.

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