A Day In The Life….

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Ten thirty am and not dressed (again!), answering  email, uploading photos of the hat making I did the other day, resizing photos for a web site I build, now I have to place them and upload.

Laying out my hat.

A studio tour application to drop off (when I get the accompanying photos edited and blurb written); input the rest of my knitting pattern I’m writing, redo the sleeves and rewrite again; custom order to finish (client came for a fitting yesterday – lovely but skirt needs to be longer).

Cutting open at the brim.

After the knitting I plan to make a jacket this weekend (and maybe a hat?) to photograph for another show application (finally made one for me that I love). All these things need buttons and pins made for them! Also, I’m speaker in Westport next month ….. should I drive there tomorrow morning to see what the group is like? Realize I have two workshops and a party to host on the 23rd. Then more workshops to organize. Nothing gets done if I don’t advertise (more time on the computer to get results).

Sonja and me in our hats.

Dropped of an item for a Winter show at the Thousand Islands Arts Center in Clayton yesterday but had to use my husband’s car as mine wouldn’t start! Calling the Roadside Assist (they were great!) and had my car idle in the driveway for about 45 minute before taking it to the dealership as  the hood wouldn’t close!! (cable frozen).

My first hat.

Woo woo, it’s not noon yet so I can probably get my workout in and be dressed by then. Dad just called to work on the Kingston Chamber Ensemble program but that can wait ’til tomorrow.

Now to upload those photos!

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