Storefronts as Art

On my recent forays downtown with my new little camera ever at the ready, I’ve snapped a couple of store windows which I found delightful and interesting.

The silver jewelry shop next to my bank put in a ‘Winter’ theme using knitted scarves (purchased and one in progress) all in pink, blue and ecru, and some big balls of wool.

In keeping with the Valentine’s theme that storefronts are now adopting for next month (I’m never ready this early!!) they did this cute heart out of yarn spread on their rough concrete floor.

The silver is displayed on and around this yarn. Had to snap that one.

Further up the main drag is Kingston Frameworks where my colleague artist Sally Chupick works and they had a wonderful evening gown made I think of printed fabric put all the segments were of newspaper and magazine print. I must ask Sally what it’s about…. I just walked by and snapped the pic.

The artist is local Rebecca Soudant. The large picture behind it is of the dress being worn to a masquerade function which I think has something to do with December’s Art Auction which I missed. (can’t do everything!)

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