Another ‘Charley’

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I received a wonderful email this week from one of the talented ladies I met in Peru, Indiana at ‘Spring Fling’ in April.
That was a great weekend that I got to share with my friend Sonja (knitter extraordinaire).

Miriam Nordstrom purchased my pattern: ‘Charley’ and worked it up to her own unique design. She used Nomi Lee Cotton, a yarn I haven’t used but perhaps if I find some I’ll give it a try. I used Yeoman Cannele that I get from Pat at Cardiknits.

She did a great job of arranging and balancing the colours and worked the  back all in one colour but put the ‘patch’ on to break it up. I did one colour on the patch but Miriam worked a rainbow…clever girl!

The other thing she wrote to me about was making her own buttons, I think she did an amazing job creating the buttons for this jacket, matching the colours and creating her own design…they are also shank buttons. She may have used blanks and covered them with the clay, which is a great way to go.

I saw some of her other work while in Peru…lovely.

                       Kudos Miriam!

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