Sponge Bar Repair Sponges.

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Bar to be repaired…new strip.

I recently hosted a private one on one workshop in my studio with a newbie knitter student who wanted to learn to make dishcloths for her business…quicker than hand knitting.   First, we started out with an LK150 which I didn’t like for the heavy cotton she needed to use so we moved to my Brother 230 which I had set up for knitting some pullovers. 

First, with the 150 we needed to redo the sponge bar…or sponge strip which is in the 150….(see: Sponge Strip or Bar) which we accomplished with materials I have collected for doing the same with my other sponge bars.

Then we moved on to the 230 whose sponge bar needed some oomphing up…. so we temporarily used another (I have several spares ready to go and some needing repairing)….see this Knittsings Blog post.

When I get about half a dozen ‘dead’ sponge bars I do a repair session using he Knittsings instructions (above) taking a couple of days (Goo Gone working, glue drying and stuff). However, while my student was working away I Googled sponge bars, amongst other things and found this on Ebay … sponge bar strips. 

I chose the cheapest shipping which said I would get them (from China) January 11th, 2018. No rush, I wouldn’t be getting to them for a while….but the arrived last week!
I have written to the seller about what looks like a sticky strip on one side as there wasn’t on the ones I bought, but no matter…I’ll use Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue which I’ve used for different crafts.
What I like about these strips are that they are pretty much the right length, they are already cut to the right width and there is a strip of ribbon on one side. This’ll save me a lot of cutting and extra glueing.

The strips are cheap and I paid $1.37 shipping!!!! And they got here two months early. I’ll post again when I actually use them.  Yay!

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