Two Hats Simple Sites….New Business!

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Two hats…what’s she talking about? Well, I started building my own web site many years ago as I always wanted to keep it up to date…..then got onto building for others.
I found working with technical stuff challenging and fascinating and fell in love! My husband even updated my laptop for me this year as I do so much work on it and my old one just couldn’t keep up.
Trying to think of a name for my second business I hadn’t come up with anything but I knew I’d have to put a link from this site to my Carolyn M. Barnett Designs site as I seem to wear two hats…..two hats! That’s it! That’s how the name came about.
I love working with the technology, images, people, balance, creativity and it’s a great alternative for me from travelling for shows and always being in the studio….I can work elsewhere and one on one (seated) over coffee with my clients.
I do end up doing a bit of instruction too, with how to take decent photos of work for the site, working with your Mac computer, Mail Chimp for your business and so on.
So, check out my site and see if there is anything there you or someone you know might need.

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