Buggies? Old Lady No More!

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Yesterday I went, with a friend, to visit the One of A Kind show in Toronto. As I always schlep stuff around and pick stuff up and also shop I took my lovely handy dandy Ikea bundle buggy. We had a cooler with sandwiches, apples (no show food for us) and water…a bottle at the show went for $4:25!!!!

Also, it meant we had a place to store our coats and gloves and all the brochures and cards we picked up.

When we arrived, walking past the office supply place we spied these lovely little wheelie bundle buggies. The pic shows mine (with it’s funky Swedish design) and the box buggies. They have a slide up handle and also contain a cooler bag for food.

These innovative buggies rented for $10 or purchased for $30. You paid $30 up front and got $20 back if you took it back….you might just want to take it home….very sturdy and useful.

By the way, do click on the OOAK web site and watch the video celebrating the 40 years. I was there from 1982 to this past Spring and one of the folk I was fond of was Marty Rumack (as we know him) he’d show up in a slightly rumpled suit and hang out at your booth catching up with you…it was a great loss when he left years ago, so glad to see he’s involved in the video.

Martin Rumack
The show has changed, lots of ‘production’ work, of course the younger generation are using modern technology…probably to produce. I see that the show seems to have lost it specialty, personal edge…which is one of the reasons I left. It’s still a great place to find wonderful hand made Canadian products and art though.

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