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I just got my five shots back from Steve Di Monte of CYL Photography. Steve was once again at the Wearable Art Show taking pics of the fashion show and of our work. He was offering five shots for $40 right at the show and had three models with him. I took this offer last year and really liked the shots.

This is a shot of my LBD (little black dress) which I knit with the Garter Carriage in Cannele Mercerized cotton. I sat in front of my machine working the shaping as it came up. The set in sleeves are elbow length I worked some beading at the top front and back. It has a boat neck and I found that the texture of the knit hides a multitude of sins (bra lines and so on).

It looks great on me especially when I tried it on before I had knit the sleeves!

This little number took me neartly a week to make.

This shot is of two of my recent jackets….I love the hot pink one as it ruffles a bit at the hem and has silk along the edge of the hem front and back and on the left pocket edge. It has four buttons.

The purple one has a felted spike closure and a ruffly v neck.

Both of them have holes cut into their hems…for fun!

As an old wearables maker I have had photos taken before so the only think I didn’t like is the eye contact made by the models with the camera…it detracts from the garment and makes it look like its supposed to be a photo of the people. However, Steve did have a great location to work in…lots of room, depth of field and no rain….last year it was raining and he only had the front steps of the building.

I am glad that I have shots of my work on others that I can use…you can’t do that with everyone without permission. I have a shot of my niece taken years ago on my web site (archives page)…where I’ve tried not to use her face too much.

Anyway, I can’t do everything and I was grateful for this opportunity and will take Steve up on it next time it comes up!

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  1. hi Carolyn,
    I bet you look stunning in that little black dress you knit! Nice that you got some fashiion photography of your work. I hadn't noticed about the eye contact being an issue, until you mentioned it, but I do see what you mean. Never mind the work is stunning, and shows off nicely.
    Good luck with your TwoHats business!

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