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Whew! Well, June is over and so are the three shows I did last month. Long ago I set it up so I would be doing one show per month, that gave me time to get more stock done, some new designs, rework new designs which had already sold etc.
Though they were local (sleeping in my own bed) and not too big the last one was Artfest Kingston in City Park with 150 artisans + food trucks, children’s art workshops, Purlin’ J’s yarn truck, the Kingston Handspinners and Weavers…..well, you can imagine…and it was three days long. 
Gathering my food items for the day.

The new times meant we were ‘open’ from 10 – 8 on July 1st…that means you are in the park from – oh, 8:30am until 9pm by the time you have packed everything away safely for overnight. That means making sure you have enough to eat over those hours…not just enough but quality, supplying energy, roughage, fluids…in a day’s diet of packed food.

My Ikea lunch box, salad and the dressing in it’s little container.

With a couple camping in my garden and another friend in my spare room my kitchen was full of three women trying to put together their following day’s food. The selection

was wonderful! Quinoa, kale, home grown lettuce, spinach with my home made oil & vinegar dressing, goat’s cheese….the list goes on…and so did the chaos….it was late but we were laughing as well as panicking.

I love Melton Mowbray pork pies from Loblaws so I picked one up and cut a quarter for each day, I had goat cheese and Baby Bell cheeses from Costco (better than eating candy or cookies…too much sugar).
My little Ikea lunch box has a knife and fork and room in the lid for extras like a sandwich.

 Just about ready, I’ve added lemon water (just lemon and water) some left over pizza from our first evening on the deck catching up. I made a tray of Black Bean brownies so took a couple for my chocolate hit. (coconut sugar into black beans, coconut oil, eggs, cocoa and a few chocolate chips).  There’s my travel coffee mug ready for filling before I head out in the morning…nothing will be spilled on my display.

Ready to go….a yogurt and what I like to call ‘freezie pops’ to keep my cooler cold. I aways carry paper napkins, plastic forks, knives & spoons which I wash up and replenish.

I carry extra in case your friend a few tents down in the show texts you to see if you have an extra fork…hers is on the kitchen counter!

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