The Makers Hand show.

Makers Hand booth 2011

 This weekend was the Makers Hand show weekend in Picton ON.  It was a lovely looking show with all of the four dozen or so artisans chosen from the cream of the crop. I was so honoured to return.  It also gave me a chance to tweak my booth before the Originals show in Ottawa at the Convention centre next week. A new bamboo shelf for all my scarves helped tidy things up. The above snap shows a tidy booth without a third tall form that I had taken home to photograph a couple of new jackets….didn’t happen, I was so tired I just plonked in front of the TV…anyway…it was too dark. I’ll do it today using the outside sunlight as usual.

Custom Top

I took a just finished top to display, it is made of Cannele cotton (Mercerized, French) and done on the Brother garter carriage. Sometimes you can just set it and forget it…. but I don’t seem to be able to. I am always checking for dropped stitches and with this garment there was a lot of shaping so I would set it for a couple or five rows then pop over to work  a decrease or increase….then there were the armholes and neck shaping…. I love it… I hope it fits the client who ordered it!

I gave a small talk at October’s Artists Round Table on self publishing with I recently built my new little notebook (in sidebar) on my way to putting another one together. I learned the software, which was fun and you can use your creativity.  Anyway, I was so thrilled a) to see Tina Roeder at the show, with a booth up front…an ace spot, and b) to see she had made a book for herself and ordered it in hard cover. This was a handy little book for folk to look through at her booth, useful if she, say, is busy with a customer.
Tina Roeder’s Catalogue
Inside Tina’s catalogue.

A little extra.

Now I’m preparing for Saturday’s opening of Focus on Fibre at Artemisia Gallery in Westport…with my friends Sylvia Naylor, Margot Miller and so many more. The opening is Saturday afternoon 1 – 5 and I will be demonstrating.

Then it’s off to Ottawa for the Signatures show – the first time I’ve done this particular one…I’m a little wary of its location as the parking is way more expensive than at Lansdowne Park (for us and the visitors) but …. we’ll see. At least we don’t have to tote a carpet or a structure!

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