Summer Knitting…mmmmm!

Well, I know it looks in these pics like I’ve been skiving off from the studio but it got so hot I just couldn’t function in the studio anymore the last couple of weeks. I’ve a studio full of windows and a skylight, ceiling fans and a breeze from Lake Ontario a block away but it just went into AC type weather and we don’t have that in our house or my studio…so it was off to the beach.

The Sandbanks in Prince Edward County is a great place to knit once you find a shady spot and have also stuck a couple of brightly coloured sun unbrellas you’ve dug up from the basement firmly in the sand. That day was an incredibly hot day but there was an amazing breeze off the lake.

I’ve been struggling with the lacey intricacies of the Mexican Edging on bag #20 from the book ‘Bags – a Knitter’s Dozen’ and though I’m usually fine with complicated lace patterns this one has me pulling out and going back and back!!!!!!!!!! I’m determined to master it as it’d make a cute cell phone pocket.

A few days later a windsurfing and boating friend of ours took us over to Clayton NY to the Antique Boat Museum for their annual boat show and auction. A beautiful day with an hour across the lake an around some of the 1000 islands looking at amazing ‘cottages’.

Well, now it’s cooler I’m back in the studio getting ready for the Sheep Dog Trials this weekend at Grass Creek Park between Kingston and Gananoque. As I’ll be in an artisan’s tent with other fibre people perhaps I’ll get this lace pattern down with a little help and the quiet times when every one is watching the sheep!!!!

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