Bonnie’s Last M Knitting Blast!

Road Trip!!!! Three women, one red car and a machine knitting seminar, the Bonnie Triola seminar, to get to. We arrived to late to find a bottle of wine to relax after the long road trip so I dug out some chai tea bags and we hit the hay.

A busy first day, getting registered, breakfast, hunting down fruit then deciding which classes to attend…. Mary Anne Oger won out with her ‘The Necks Best Thing’ (I always learn something from her) … and on we went to other classes and to lunch too.

I was a bit bored in the afternoon and took off seeking that bottle of wine for the girls and just to get outside…I guess I spend too much time inside my studio. Rose went for a run, I for a swim, Sonja chilled and we were good to go for the evening of dinner and the fashion show, and this year I had brought five cardigans out of stock.

Well, the best part of the seminar was the other women, talking shop, connecting. renewing friendships, did I mention talking shop? Discussing machines, yarn, computer programs, designing, studio time and on and on. Meeting new people and finding out what they are all about, where they’re coming from, what they know and where their talents lie….. I love that part so much.

Carol introduced me to Joyce who’s Yarn Collage class I had taken, we talked about their fashion careers. I found out that since I last saw her Carol was working with Susan Lazear of Cochenille Garment Designer and talked about how many more folk are using it and we need more tuition.

Well, pictured above are the Two J’s Judith and Jackie in their versions of my “Robin” design (they looked fab!!!) and then Sonja and Rose ready to hit the ‘runway’ in their colourful knits.

Now we’re looking forward to next year…. two more hours drive in Cleveland as that’s where the new owner Sue Jaloweic lives… I’ll drive it!

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