Found: A Knitting Shop

On our way home from vacation we hit Williamsburg and I found a knitting store. We managed to get to Knitting Sisters before they closed for the day. It is a wonderful store and they had just finished a workshop and the store was full of mad knitters with one husband sitting quietly in their ‘waiting area’!!! I added mine to the mix but he tends to follow me around and encourage me to buy this and that, he often finds yarns or other stuff that I’ve missed, I bought feathers… I know I’ll do something with them some day.

I was looking for a silk yarn for the trim on my second Noro shawl (I’m wearing the first one in the pic with a couple of the wonderful ladies running things). We had a bit of fun playing with the shawl in different ways to wear it: I’ve worn it in bed as a bed jacket, over my jean jacket (as shown in the Noro pattern book), over my leather jacket. I’ve worn it wound around my neck and ears to keep warm in the snow and loosly, held with a sweater pin, over black evening wear!!

Knitting Sis’s – hope you go ahead with the Noro shawl project who’s seed you sewed that day!!!

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