Sticktoitiveness in Kingston.

Out for breakfast after a week of ‘cleansing’ (you know… no chocolate, booze, coffee, preservatives etc and for two days, no solids) we went to our fave place in downtown Kingston: Morrison’s. We got a window seat across from the back of City Hall where the new outdoor skating rink is and there is always the apple guy who has cider as well as hot cider for the skaters. I noticed that next to him was Muse Handknitting. The youg woman is in the market (the oldest outdoor market in Canada at 204 years old) most market days and sells quite an assortment of handknits: socks, baby items, fashionable tops, bags… you name it, all knit in a heavyish wool. They are all wonderful

Her Mum and she were sitting huddled between the back of her tent and her van. It was a sunny day but by no means warm.

I’ll never again complain about my indoor show booths!

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