Wanted: Extinct Knitter’s Tool!!!

Do you have one of these and desparately need to get rid of it, can’t stand it cluttering up your space? Well, you’ve found a buyer.

Pictured here is a 47 prong Transfer Tool used on most Standard Bed knitting machines. I use mine every day as I make vertical darts in my handloomed knits. I love it to bits and could not do my work in the alotted time without it….. however IT’S EXTINCT!!

No one can seem to find one, none of the vendors I’ve talked to have seen one in ages, some don’t even know what it is and I certainly don’t know what it’s really called. Anyway, if you know of one going begging, EMAIL ME!

….. well, now back to search Ebay.

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  1. HI Carolyn,
    Sorry cant help you find that crazy looking comb/knitters transfer thingy….but if I ever do see one I will let you know. I love the little green purse you made in the picture, beautiful! I love blogging now too, and have actually received a comment from 2 other artists ‘out there’ in cyber space, and that was a thrill to hear from someone who I didn’t know before.Well happy knitting!

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