Studio Musings on a Rainy Day.

Well, it’s raining again but mild enough for me to have my studio dooor open. This means that our cat just wandered up meowing trying to tell me he’s bored and needed a little attention, now he’ll curl up at the top of the stairs and monitor the driveway and his cat door (his friends pop in for a snack now and again).

On these rainy days I’m quite happy to be ensconsed in my studio. I have no desire to go out as I might on sunny days and wallow in my work, filling orders, checking emails and hitting relevant sites, creating, perhaps going through books and publications looking for ideas and instpiration or new techniques. Sometimes the only way I really know what time it is is whatever is on TV… which I tend to use as a radio for company.

If I don’t have my ‘office work’ done by the end of The View I’m getting behind in my knitting. You can’t hear much over the knitting machine so soaps are perfect….story lines take years to work out!!!! I mourned ‘Another World’ which I latched onto in college but now I have ‘Generaly Hospital’… I’ve actually been inspired by the fashions on soaps as they always have the latest.

Well, nothing inspiring on just now so just back to work to the beat of the rain on my skylight.

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